The peaceful retreat of Gumusluk is also famed for being the ancient Carian city of Myndus, mentioned in Shakespeare’s turbulent tale of Julius Caesar. Today the small village has tucked away its colourful past to be a favourite destination for musicians and artists looking for inspiration in life.

Urban legends blame the downfall of the ancient city of Myndus to an earthquake that caused the city to fall into the ocean. Look closely below the water line and you will see parts of the city walls. Facing the bay is the small but historic Rabbit Island which is currently being excavated so that the present generation can lay their hands on the ancient artefacts that will tell us more about the history of Gumusluk.

Thanks to the historical importance of the area, building prohibitions are in place and this means that Gumusluk has retained its natural and rustic ambiance as a beautiful Turkish village on the Aegean coastline. 

How to Get to Gumusluk

From Bodrum airport, Gumusluk can be reached within one hour via car.  The route to use is the D330 also known as the Mugla-Bodrum highway. Locals companies operate transfer services. There is public transport called a dolmus that operates every day from Bodrum town centre and this takes approximately 30 minutes to drive the 21km distance.

Things to Do

  • Go snorkelling in the bay, and marvel at the ancient ruins lying under the crystal blue water. 
  • Visit the ruins of ancient Myndos Gate in Bodrum Town Center. Called as Myndos Gate because it was one of the three gates along the old Bodrum city wall on the way to Myndos (Gumusluk), dating back to Lelegian occupation (5th.century B.C.) and the Roman Basilica. 
  • Get the camera ready for a photo of the orange and red sunsets of which Gumusluk is famous for.
  • Head to the pier to catch fresh fish, and then fire up the BBQ for a tasty family meal.
  • If windsurfing is your passion, visit the neighbouring village of Kadikalesi to take to the water.
  • Turgutreis is a short distance and well known for its beaches, shopping and luxury marina
  • St Peters castle and the underwater museum located in Bodrum town centre are worth a day trip out. 

The Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival 

Throughout the month of August, Gumusluk becomes the centre of attention as it plays host to the Gumusluk international classic music festival. It becomes a destination for many famous and aspiring musicians who express their souls through the power of music.
The venues vary from the 250 year old church to the final performance in the Bodrum ampitheatre.   Perhaps one of the most unique qualities of this event is the relaxed and social ambience ensuring that everyone can attend whether they are a hard-core classical music fan or someone wanting to grasp an insight in the world of music in Turkey.


While there is not a wide choice of hotels in Gumusluk, the existing establishments do know how to cater for their customers. Small, family run hotels will ensure you can travel cheaply and receive the basics while the large all-inclusive resorts will wait on you hand and foot. Due to the layout and building prohibitions, most of the hotels are located close to the coastline ensuring that you will be centrally located. 


During the winter time, rainfall is frequent so the resort will close down with the exception of a few restaurants. The height of summer during the months of July/August and September is when the resort is busiest due the festival and Turks flooding to the resort from the large cities. If your intention is trekking or exploring, ideal months are April to June and October to November as heat temperatures are still mild. You can find detailed info and forecast in our weather page.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Gumusluk has a wide reputation as being one of the best destinations on the Bodrum Peninsula for fish restaurants. Lining the harbour are small and large establishments that have made fresh fish and seafood a cuisine that is sought after by many.
Traditionally the fish is served with a crisp salad and a glass of the national drink of Raki. If fish is not your passion, there are other delicious choices on the menu including varied pizzas, tasty pasta and juicy steaks. Party goers who want the large nightclubs of the Aegean should head to the centre of Bodrum as nightlife in Gumusluk is all about smooth music, good company and a relaxing atmosphere. 


Even though there are strict building regulations in Gumusluk, property prices are cheap when comparing this beautiful location with other destinations in Turkey. There is a selection of apartments, but villas are the main trend in the area. Whether you plan to buy or rent property in Gumusluk, you can find professional agents by viewing our comprehensive list.