Top 10 Festivals

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1: Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival

Imagine, a sleepy fishing village called Gumusluk, with painted guards hanging in the trees, pieces of art, hidden amongst nature--everywhere, and an accoustically wonderful stage with an amazing, spectacular backdrop of an old stone quarry, transformed with glowing amber lights and willowy shadows dancing about. Now add to that mix the most loved, creative artistic musical directors planning their dream concerts, and you have the annual GUMUSLUK INTERNATIONAL CLASSICAL MUSIC festival. The festival itself and the renowned musicians it brings in for performances are dedicated to supporting and introducing up and coming performers--to the delight of the crowd

Last year, we had a treat of listening to Ayse Goken, a young and ever so talented classical pianist who happily shocked the audience when she played her versions of both Nirvana and Pink Floyd hits. Even more entertaining was the fact that she  played the piano itself in ways we had never seen before, including percussion on the wooden sides, the strumming of the strings as if it were a harp, and incorporating a whistle into the mechanisms; in general, she greatly enlarged our ideas of what it means to play a piano. Whether or not, you are musically minded we guarantee that the performances at this festival will definitely thrill you. The dates can be checked out of our events page.

2: D-Marin Turgutreis International Festival of Classical Music

This is an event locals wait for all year and the tickets sell out quickly! Why?  Because this festival delivers!!!!!  Famous symphonies from around the world , including our own Ankara's and Istanbul's Symphonies, as well, come to us and bring the very finest of performances, while the audience is seated under the many stars, with the gentle breezes of the Turgetreis harbor gently blowing the seas salt air around them. Everyone is dressed in their finest and for a few hours, we are all transported to a very magical place! D-Marin Turgutreis International Classical Music festival has concerts spread out over the week and during that time the town is a buzz with particular emphasis on the d Marina's fine offerings of restaurants and Bars.

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3: Camel "Wrestling" Festival

The camel wrestling festival runs for three months from the very end of December until March (which is the camel breeding season) and is held in many villages all over the Bodrum Peninsula.  Camels’ "wrestle" with each other for the affection of the female camel and it is a tournament which sees one overall champion. If you want to experience traditional Turkey, this festival is a must to put on your agenda.  

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4: Children’s Day Festival

Every year, the 23rd of April is dedicated to children all over the world. Local children will dress in traditional costumes and parade in the streets to the sound of a band playing. Great emphasis is given to this date and it is perfect proof that Turkey really does believe that our children are the future.

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5: Bodrum International Ballet Festival

Imagine the delicate art of ballet which is then performed in a location which is more than 500 years old. The combination provokes emotions so deep that this is a festival not to be missed. Every August in the  Bodrum Castle, ballet performers and music lovers meet to put on a festival that has gained worldwide notoriety. Acts include a performance from the well-known International ballet companies.

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6. Bodrum Baroque Music Festival

This annual music festiaval is organised every year by Karsanat, Karia Arts and Culture Foundation. It takes place in Bodrum's Antique Theatre over a three day period. It include Turkish and International music guests.

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7. Annual Pedasa Festival

This annual cultural event celebrated it's 20th year in 2015. It's held over a May weekend on the location of the ancient city of Pedasa, which overlooks Bodrum Town. As well as nature walks and lectures about this ancient Turkish site, there are picnics, music, and dance competitions. There are usually concerts held at Bodrum Castle to coincide with this Festival.

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8. Bodrum International Dance Festival

Over 2 thousand dancers from 18 countries take part in this International Bodrum Festival. It is one of Europe’s biggest dance festivals organized with the support of the EU and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The are multiple Turkish folk dance associations that particiate and this event is included in the UNESCO cultural activitis and parades listing.
In addtion to the dance activities, there are photography concerts and local dance performaces from local dance associations and school groups. This event is usually held in May.
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9: Bodrum International Kite Festival

On Mother's day each year, this popular kite festival is held near the windmills on the hill between Bodrum Town and Gumbet. This family event is in it's 5th year and draws a big crowd of kite enthusiasts. There are lots of kite exhibitions and an opportunity to fly your own kite, as well as tasting Turkish food from local vendors. It's a picturesque view from up on this hill. So bring the family and enjoy the day's activities.

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10. Bodrum Cup 

The Bodrum Cup is an annual yacht regatta organized by ERA Bodrum Sailing Club. The primary intention is to promote interest and skill in sailing among the captains and crews of Bodrum's charter fleet. It is also a celebration of the ending of each year's cruising season, a means to bring together in a friendly encounter charter yachts that normally cruise on their own. This is a fun event organized since 1989, held every third week in October. 

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