Turgutreis is a charming coastal resort, backed by green mountains, surrounded by the crystal waters of the Aegean and shined upon by the blue skies of the summer season. Previously, this popular resort was known as Karatoprak, however the name was changed to Turgutreis in 1972 to respect a Turkish sailor who was born there in 1485. 

The sailor called Turgut Reis was a brave challenger of life and often ventured off to explore new lands. His braveness and determined character serve as a testament to the resort that is now becoming known throughout the world as a must-visit holiday destination. Also known for its 5km of sandy beaches, you can be assured that when in Turgutreis, you will never be bored of the Turkish way of life. 

Where is Turgutreis and how to get there?

Turgutreis is the second largest resort on the Bodrum peninsula and it is located 20km from the center of Bodrum town. There are frequent public buses which head directly to Turgutreis from the center of Bodrum and most of the surrounding resorts.

The population of the town is roughly 16,000 however this rises in the summer as Turgutreis is a popular holiday destination for foreigners and Turks.  The nearest airport is Bodrum airport and the transfer time to the resort is roughly one hour. 

Turgutreis Hotels

Hotels in Turgutreis range from your basic bed and breakfast to your large all-inclusive resorts that are located on the outskirts. Those who want to be close to bars and restaurants should choose a hotel that is located close to the main beach, harbor or marina. Take a look at our hotels booking service to compare rates and find some great deals.

Things to Do

  • Spend the day on the well-known Günbatimi beach and kick start a golden holiday tan.
  • Get to ready to empty your purse by shopping for luxury brands in the exclusive marina
  • Enjoy a peaceful walk and take great photographs at Sabanci memorial Park.
  • Head to Fener beach on the outskirts of Turgutreis for windsurfing and kite-surfing lessons.
  • Catch the fast hydrofoil and spend an exciting day on the Greek island of Kos or Kalimnos.
  • Head to the harbor and jump on one of the many daily boat trips that sail around the coast.
  • Akyarlar is another exciting resort worth exploring and is just 8.5km from Turgutreis.
  • Go hiking in the hills behind Turgutreis and discover ruins from the Leleges era.
  • Turgutreis is famous for its sunset, grab that camera for a picture perfect holiday photo.
  • Barter, bargain and grab some great deals at the local traditional market on a Saturday.
  • Head to Artist Street in the evening where paintings and handicrafts are displayed.


During the months of January to March, Turgutreis will receive a lot of rainfall but in April the summer season starts and when it reaches August and September, temperatures will be in the 30s. Keep up to date with the latest weather in Turgutreis by checking our hourly updates on weather for the Bodrum Peninsula.

Eating and Nightlife

Turgutreis is very popular because of its diversity and choice when it comes to eating out and exploring the nightlife. Holiday makers eager to try sumptuous Turkish food should head into the main town and find a traditional lokanta. On the main front of the resort are restaurants that will serve a wide range of cuisines including steaks, salads, seafood and fresh fish of the day. A popular place is the Irish bar or you can head to a traditional bar to discover how the Turks like to enjoy good company and great friendship. There are enough establishments in Turgutreis to keep you partying in a different venue every night. 


Since the change in law for property purchases by foreigners, Turkey has become a haven for investment however there are some areas in Turgutreis that are restricted from property purchasers  by foreigners, due to the close location of the town to the Greek Island of Kos. Be sure to use a reputable estate agent or consider renting long term property instead. For a comprehensive list of estate agents and rental agents, have a look at our property list.