Public Transportation

Train and Metro

Bodrum is not located close to any train or metro service. The nearest station is located in Izmir but the busy hubs of the train system are Istanbul and Ankara. If your plan is to travel to other areas within the country, be aware that Turkey is currently upgrading their railway lines for high-speed trains and because of this, there will be major disruption. You can check timetables and routes on the official website of Turkish State Railways, but consider using the bus system or internal flights instead. 


Taxi travel is an easy way to get around but can be expensive so you should use them wisely.  If your journey is within the town or village, the price will go on the meter.
If you intend to travel from one resort on the Bodrum peninsula to another, they have a list price however in this case try to agree a set price with the taxi driver before getting in. You can recognise taxis from their bright yellow colour and they are located on the corner of every main street. 


To travel within resorts on the Bodrum peninsula, use the dolmus system, as this is cheap, frequent and an easy ride. A dolmus is a mini bus seating approximately twenty people and they display their chosen destination on the front of the bus. You can pay when boarding.  Enquire with your hotel reception where the main dolmus station is in your chosen resort.  
To travel outside of the Bodrum peninsula, head to Bodrum bus station that operates a number of routes throughout the country. Purchase a ticket before getting on the bus. On long journeys, you will be delighted to know that buses are comfortable, stop off for toilet breaks and offer refreshments. 

Bodrum Ferry and Water Taxis

Bodrum has a great ferry service that operates to both Greek islands and other destinations on the Aegean coast. You can visit Kos or Rhodes for the day and you should book your ticket before, as they will need to take your passport details to verify with customs. 
The ferry service also runs to other Turkish coastal destinations such as Marmaris or Datca. Check all details on the Bodrum Express lines website. Water taxis operate in some resorts and they will take you to the neighbouring destinations.  Check at the harbour of the resort you are located in, to find out if there is a service and the departure times.   

Car Hire

The Bodrum peninsula is perfect for exploring by car, as all destinations are signposted and easily accessed. Drive on the right hand side and always carry your passport and car rental agreement. Price of daily car hire averages at 25 - 30 Euros, this is approximate depending on the type of model and features such as air conditioning. Look at our list of travel agencies that offer car hire services.