Guvercinlik is one of the less well-known resorts on the Bodrum peninsula however it can still claim fame as a stunning destination surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. It is a small bay, nestled in from the Aegean Sea by fields of pine and olive trees.

Located directly off the sparkling coastline of Guvercinlik is the island of Salih and this is where the mystery begins. Locals claim the island is the location of the ancient city of Karyanda however no ruins have been found to prove this. This resort is bypassed by many in favour of the big lights of Bodrum town however they miss out on a unique location that showcases Turkey in the best way possible. 

How to Get to Guvercinlik

It is located northeast of Bodrum and local transport from Guvercinlik town to Bodrum takes just 20 minutes.  Guvercinlik is also very close to Bodrum International Airport and can be reached by turning onto the Milas – Bodrum highway and then merging onto the D330. The village is well signposted and transfer time from Bodrum airport is approximately 30 minutes.

Things to do

  • Take to the cool waters of the Aegean Sea and practice your water-skiing skills. 
  • Visit the market town of Milas to explore Turkish daily life and grab some shopping bargains. 
  • Spend the day exploring the rustic and picturesque village of neighbouring Bogazici.
  • Explore the castle of St Peter and the underwater museum located in nearby Bodrum Town.
  • Hire a private boat and spend the day sailing around secluded bays and hidden coves of the coastline.
  • Pack up a picnic and head to the gorgeous Bafa lake, just an hour’s drive away to spot wildlife. 
  • Between the months of January to March, the annual camel wrestling tournament is held in this area. 
  • Get to know the neighbouring and traditional resort of Golturkbuku, just 12km away. 


In the past, the choice of hotels in Guvercinlik has been very limited however lately; more new and modern hotels are appearing. They are mainly on the outskirts of the village but they are still in a great location for reaching all amenities and neighbouring resorts. You can search for hotels in Guvercinlik by using our hotel booking page to discover the best deals and rates. 


Ideal months for exploring and trekking are spring and autumn as the weather is not too hot or cold. If you are a sun lover and like lying on the beach, visit between the months of May to October when the weather is hot, especially in August and September.
The months of December to February should be avoided for visiting as rainfall is heavier during this time. Keep up to date with the weather temperatures and wind speeds by using our weather page.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Eating out in Guvercinlik is all about enjoying traditional and fresh cuisine cooked by local chefs. Due to the fish farms that are located close by, the recommended dish is freshly caught sea bass however there are other tasty dishes on the menu including pizzas, pastas and fresh salads.
Nightlife is slow and relaxing with the emphasis on enjoying a laid back evening with good company and a soothing ambience. If you are looking for the large nightclubs and bars, you should head to the nearby town of Bodrum.


In the past, there have been problems with the delay in issuing habitation certificates for property in Guvercinlik. If you plan to purchase property there, this is an issue that you should investigate thoroughly. There are also a wide range of properties available for long term renting which can be found by looking at our comprehensive list of agents dealing in that area.