Golturkbuku is a secluded coastal destination that is often overlooked by foreign holiday makers but a well-loved retreat for the rich and elite Turkish citizens from the big cities. Originally two secluded bays of the Aegean Sea, it has seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the last ten years. With new developments and buildings, the two bays of Golkoy and Turkbuku amalgamated to form the new and heavenly village of Golturkbuku. 

The shifting sands of small beaches and protruding man-made jetties are the focus of life in the summer time and adventurous holiday makers will find a Turkish way of life, totally different from the local villages. The cultured bay of Golkoy is quiet and has an almost homely ambience while the bay of Turkbuku caters for the flamboyant and creative visitors using exclusive beach clubs and eager staff to wait on clientele hand and foot.

Golturkbuku is often one of the many destinations visited by private yacht owners who are touring the Bodrum peninsula on their long summer breaks from the chaotic bustle of the cities.

How to get there

There are many small bays located in this area. Lower Golkoy is a distance of 15km from Bodrum town center and is the area around the rugged coastline. Upper Golkoy is located in the hills amongst the welcoming scent of pine trees. The whole area sits under the looming shadow of the Karadag Mountain and it is 19km from Bodrum town or 45km from Bodrum airport. Drivers should head for the Yalikavak/Torba crossroads located on the Bodrum – Milas highway. From there the bays are well sign posted. There is also local transport to and from the centre of Bodrum town. 


Due to the recent popularity boom, visitors have a wide selection of hotels to choose from. The green valley of Golkoy is where you should head to if you are looking for small and family run pensions. If you want luxury and all modern cons the area of Turkbuku will certainly satisfy your needs with stylish décor and prompt service.  For the best deals and rates on hotels, use our booking pages to examine prices from all the major hotel agents. 


The best time of year to visit will depend on your plans for your vacation time. Beach lovers should head to Golturkbuku during the months of April to October. Intrepid explorers will find the best weather conditions in the months of April to June and October to November as the heat is mild.
Rainfall in this area tends to be during the months of January to March. For up to date weather on rainfall, heat and wind speeds, take a look at our weather page

Things to do

Marvel at the half moon rise from behind the mountains across the bay.
Catering for the rich and elite, exciting watersports are on offer including private jet skis.
Visit the neighbouring and charming village of Gundogan.
Head to Yalikavak for exciting shopping, vibrant sunsets and a glimpse of the windmills.
Grab your fishing gear and join in with other fishermen in Golkoy bay.
Visit the majestic castle of St Peter in nearby Bodrum town.
Explore the surrounding and rugged hills for hidden flora and fauna. 
The beach clubs are the favorite location if you are a sun worshipper.

Eating out and Nightlife

The shores of Turkbuku are lined with numerous restaurants giving off tempting aromas of fine cuisine.  During the day, these restaurants turn their man made jetties into areas for sunbathers however at night; sunbeds are replaced with set tables, fragrant candles and soft music turning it into a romantic night out for two. There are music bars and discos that cater for those looking for a lively nightlife.
If you want to sit down in an atmosphere, head to the bay of Golturkbuku where nighttime entertainment is more about good conversation rather than pulsating music. 


Due to the elite status of the area, property prices are considerable higher if you compare them to other destinations within Turkey. There is a lot of focus on these properties of using the latest materials and designs to create modern and exclusive homes.