Bogazici is possibly one of the best kept secrets of the Bodrum Peninsula. It remains a charming resort that suits only those who are looking for carefree days, fine dining and relaxing with friends in a picturesque scene. Bogazici has managed to maintain it original character and so is a good introduction into Turkish living. Located in a bay, the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea and green fields filled with pine trees make the perfect background for your holiday picture album. 
During the summer, the restaurants of Bogazici are kept busy thanks to their reputation for fine fish cuisine and during the winter, the area is home to Pink flamingoes that flock to the nearby salt lake of Tuzla.

How to get to Bogazici

It is located 12km from the centre of Bodrum and leading up to it, is a unique 3km road that has the sea on one side and a large lake on the other. It is reached by turning off at the Tuzla junction on the main Bodrum- Guvercinlik road. Transfer time from the nearby airport of Bodrum is approximately 20 minutes.


As Bogazici is a small fishing village, the choice of hotels is very small. Most hotels are large all-inclusive complexes that are located on the outskirts of Bogazici village. The complexes are relatively new and have all the modern cons that you would expect in holiday accommodation. Have a look at our hotel bookings page to compare rates and find some great deals. 

Things to do

On a Sunday, visit the local market to experience the traditional Turkish vibes. 
Hire a car and spend the day exploring the beautiful Bafa lake and the village of Herakleia.
Spend a day on the quiet beach backed by restaurants serving refreshments. 
Bird watchers will delight in spotting all the varieties of birds that have made the salt lake of Tuzla their home.
Sign up for an exciting game of golf at the nearby Vita park golf resort.
Take the kids to the Dedeman water park which is just 40 minutes’ drive away.
Visit the town of Bodrum and spend the day exploring the underwater museum and magnificent castle.
Visit the close-by resort of Guvercinlik  to explore the cobbled streets and a different way of life.

Eating out and nightlife

Bogazici sees a lot of visitors from nearby resorts head to their restaurants at night time because it is a fishing village and the restaurants specialize in this type of cuisine. If fish does not suit your palette, the restaurants also serve juicy steaks, tasty pasta and fresh salads. Nightlife in Bogazici is about sitting down with friends and enjoying good conversations. Anyone looking for bars or restaurants should head to the nearby centre of Bodrum.


Visitors between the months of January to March will see a lot of rainfall. After March, the weather slowly heats up until the height of summer in August/September.
Temperatures can be as high as 35 degrees in this time period so ensure you use sun cream. To keep up to date with the weather forecast for the Bodrum peninsula, take a look at our weather page.


Prices of property in Bogazici village are relatively cheap when you compare the area with other property investment locations in Turkey. For a comprehensive list of estate agents dealing with sales and rentals in that area, take a look at our property page