Stunning views from Bardakci include a crystal blue coastline and the magnificent Bodrum castle, so it is no wonder that Bardakci has earned itself a reputation as one of the most beautiful bays on the Bodrum Peninsula. Like many of the coastal resorts on the peninsula, life in the summer season revolves around the sandy, golden beach. 

Bardakci also has its history in ancient myths as it is said to be the place where Hermaphroditus was overcome by Salmacis the water nymph and fused into her body to always be known as intersex. The clean water fountains of Bardakci were a source of water for Bodrums inhabitants in the past and this is how it earned its name, refering to "Glass" or sometimes also known as "The Water Jug". 

Where is Bardakci and how to get there?

Bardakci is on the outskirts of Bodrum town and can be reached by local transport within 15 minutes or by water taxi from Bodrum marina within half an hour. The nearest airport is Bodrum airport and the transfer time is approximately one hour. 

Bardakci Hotels

Many holiday makers will just head to Bardakci just for the day however if you want to stay longer, there are fantastic hotels that are centrally located. The hotels operate on an all-inclusive or bed and breakfast basis. To find the best deals and rates on hotels in Bardakci, take a look at our hotel booking system

Things to Do

  • Head to Bodrum town to explore the magnificent castle of St Peter and the underwater museum.
  • Explore the surrounding resorts of lively Gumbet and sophisticated Torba.
  • Bodrum Ampitheatre is still undergoing excavations but it is well worth, spending a morning there. 
  • Myndos gate may not be large however it is still impressive and a reminder of battles that occurred during the siege of Alexander the great. 
  • The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus will be an excellent day out for those who are interested in history. 
  • Shopping enthusiasts should head to Bodrum town center where they will find the Oasis shopping centre
  • Daily boat trips are great fun and a brilliant way to explore the surrounding bays.

Eating Out and Nightlife

Entertainment for the night is mainly provided by the hotels; otherwise evening times are more focused on enjoying quiet drinks with good friends. There are large nightclubs in the centre of Bodrum which is just a short taxi drive away. There are a few restaurants that serve a variety of Turkish, international and seafood cuisine.

These are generally open to approximately 11pm. 


The best time to visit Bardakci is between the months of April to November as this is outside of the rainfall period. August and September will see high temperatures sometimes reaching into the 30’s. To keep up to date with the weather in Bardakci, take a look at our weather system which is updated every hour.