Top 10 Facts About Turkey

1: Name

One of the least known facts about Turkey is that its official name is the Republic of Turkey and it was formed in 1923. It succeeds the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the region from 1299 onwards, and crumbled after the First World War.

2: Neighbors

Turkey has borders with eight countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

3: Noah's Ark

It is believed by some scientists and scholars that Turkey was the landing place of Noah’s ark. The story of mass flooding on earth appears in the Christian bible and the specific location that Noah landed the ark has been determined as Mount Ararat which is 5165metres high.

4: The Capital

The capital of Turkey is Ankara. Many people believe it to be Istanbul; however, the capital was moved from Istanbul to Ankara after the Turkish war of independence in 1921-1923

5: Population

The population of Turkey is estimated to be 77 million of which 98% are reported to be Muslim. The other 2% of people mainly belong to the religions of Christianity and Judaism.

6: Christian Religion

It is widely believed that the first church built by man was in Antakya and it is called St Peters Church. Traveling around the country will also reveal many other destinations connected with the Christian religion including the Virgin Mary’s house in Selcuk (photo by Hajosworld)

7: Santa Claus

Santa Claus also originated from Turkey. At the time of his life, he was known as St Nicholas and he was born in a town of the Patara District. The area in which he was born was part of the Greek empire during those years and he later went on to become the bishop of Demre (photo by Christakos)

8: Tulips

While many people associate Tulips with Holland, the flower was actually introduced to Holland by Turkish traders in the later stages of the 16th century. You can see motifs of the Tulip on traditional Turkish carpets and also see many tulip festivals with the vibrant colorful flowers grown in parks of big cities like Istanbul (photo by pasaninyeri)

9: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The most revered person in Turkish history is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He has the title of being the father of all Turks and he led the war of independence which ended with the formation of the Republic of Turkey. You will see his face on Turkish money, in office buildings, flags, and you will also see his statue in town centers (photo by Murat Aydiner)

10: Climate

The weather in Turkey will vary and if you visit the Antalya region, it is possible to be on the snowy ski slopes in the morning and sunbathing on a sandy beach in the afternoon. You can experience -30 degrees as well as +40ies in only a couple of months time; there are many wonderful surprises waiting for you when you visit this wonderful country.